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Tihana Jurišić

From the history of the library

The library was established by the decision of the National Committee of the Municipality of Biograd n/M on April 1, 1963. at the National University of Biograd n/M. It started working in 1964. From the very beginning, she worked in an inadequate space that was about 25 m2 and was damp. In 1978, it moved to the current space of about 100 m2, in which it functioned well, it had three employees until 1991. It reached its "zenith" in those few years for it had about 1500 members. At the beginning of the 80's, the space began to be cramped and the first improvisations began: upgrading the shelves above the Standard, narrowing the space for employees in favor of the fund, moving the library manager to the space intended for the study reading room.

At that time, besides the central department, it has a department for children’s literature, a reading room of 25 m2 where daily newspapers were available besides regular magazines, and under the charge of the Regional Library in Split. The library was in need of a wider space following the ‘80s. Throughout the recent war it was working under special circumstances but was also devastated. The second part of its history followed after year 2000 but with greater issues. It was completely restored in 2001.

The reading room now has a nice collection of handicrafts, magazines, newspapers, and enriched with paintings, children's works...

All the library spaces were arranged and these activities and changes affected the number of members.

The library organizes cultural and animation activities for children and adults, including: literary evenings under the motto "Let's keep the Chakavian word", a round table in cooperation with the Association for Gender Equality, educational workshops in the "Place of Croatian Books" organized and performed by the library and Kindergarten Biograd n / M. , cooperation with Biograd n / M elementary school.

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